Lighthouse Christian Centre (LCC) is an international, English-speaking church in Helsinki.  We are a Christian community where unity and love finds expression within a culturally diverse group of believers. LCC is affiliated with the Pentecostal church of Finland, but welcome people of various denominations, nationality and background.

We serve  international professionals, students, families and others living in Helsinki and its metropolitan area.  As internationals with diverse nationalities, English is our common language. Our gatherings feature contemporary Christian praise and worship music, testimonies and life impacting messages  that are geared towards transforming the lives of congregants, thus molding them into ambassadors of God's kingdom.


Our Vision:

To transform lives through Jesus Christ and raise a people after God's heart


Our Mission:

Our four-fold mission is to:

  • stand in unity and shine as  Jesus Christ's light by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • guide people towards the hope and life available only in Jesus Christ, so as to ensure their salvation
  • teach and live the word in love and without compromise
  • make and nurture disciples with an unwavering faith, inextinguishable passion to worship God and who will also positively impact society