Our weekend experience is a time we come together to celebrate and renew ourselves in God's presence as a united body.  During the Sunday Service, our desire is for all congregants to personally experience God’s presence which renews and transforms lives.  We believe that our whole life should be a sacrifice unto God, our Sunday service is where that is reinforced.

Praise and Worship play an important role in our service.  We celebrate God through songs led by our worship team members.  Joy, thanksgiving and liberty shape our services.  Congregants are encouraged to freely worship in their own way. Other ways of participation input include testimonies, word of encouragement, word or revelation or a song, these enriches the service.

The goal of the Sunday sermon is not just to give information about the Bible, but to equip and  give practical advice about living out our faith on a daily basis just as Christ did.  Expect the Holy Spirit to speak to you personally through the message. You can hardly receive if you do not approach God with an expectant heart that is yielded unto Him in humility.

We celebrate the Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month.